Falling for Fun at Miller’s Farm: A Pumpkin Picking Paradise Near Manotick Village

From Berry Beginnings to Autumn Dreams

Embarking on my journey to Miller’s Farm, I had the privilege of delving into a world that began with two acres of strawberries in 1981. Little did I know that this enchanting farm would soon unravel into a tapestry of pumpkins, mazes, and unforgettable memories.

Harvesting Memories in Their New Abode

In 1991, the farm made a move to a larger location just south of Manotick, setting the stage for berry fields, pumpkins, and an abundance of memories waiting to be plucked. My visit allowed me to witness firsthand the magic that has made this farm synonymous with fall festivities.

🍁🎃 Falling for Fun: Pumpkin Picking at Miller’s Farm and Market Near Manotick Ontario, Canada

Embracing the Essence of Autumn

Fall, my favorite season, unveiled itself at Miller’s Farm. With strawberries and raspberries having had their time in the sun, it was the pumpkin’s turn to shine. My visit revealed why this season attracts families, young and old, to this autumn wonderland.

A Warm Welcome for Me and My Family

As I entered the farm, I was met with the delightful presence of Petunia, the cuddly bunny, and Vinny, the ever-enthusiastic Yellow Lab. They mirrored my excitement for fall, and the friendly staff ensured that my visit was not just warm but also profoundly memorable.

Fall Fun at Miller’s Farm: My Ultimate Guide

My adventure at Miller’s Farm was meticulously planned, ensuring that I didn’t miss out on any of the fall wonders. I learned when to visit for the best pumpkin-picking experience and discovered a treasure trove of activities, including wagon rides and the mesmerizing corn maze.

Market Shed: Where Flavor Meets Fantasy

Stepping into the Market Shed was like entering a portal where flavors met fantasy. Pumpkins, gourds, and colorful mums beckoned me. I indulged my taste buds with mouthwatering butter tarts and fresh pumpkin pies, and I couldn’t resist stocking up on ‘Take n’ Bake’ savory and fruit pies for cozy fall evenings.

Choose Your Pumpkin Adventure

Fall wouldn’t be complete without handpicking my own pumpkins. My journey took me to over 8 acres of pumpkin paradise, where each pumpkin was a story waiting to be told. The anticipation of when the pumpkin patch would open added an element of excitement to my visit.

The Maze of Enchantment

Getting lost in the corn maze was a highlight of my trip. Open until October 31st, this a-maizing labyrinth was suitable for visitors of all ages. I discovered the cost and experienced the sheer thrill of navigating its twists and turns.

Garden Center: Your Autumn Wonderland

The Garden Center was a visual delight, where the wonders of autumn flourished. Vibrant potted chrysanthemums and fall planters beckoned, offering everything I needed to create my own autumn wonderland. Top dressing soil, mulch, and stone were available for pickup or delivery.

Activities Abound: Wagon Rides, Corn Maze, and More

Every corner of Miller’s Farm was filled with adventure. I enjoyed leisurely wagon rides, embraced the challenge of the corn maze, savored delectable food from weekend food trucks, and captured the magic with my camera. I also had the pleasure of meeting charming chickens and rabbits!

What’s in Season: Nature’s Bounty

Staying tuned for the flavors of fall, I explored the farm-fresh produce. From Brussel Sprouts to Sweet Corn and local treasures like apples from Smyth’s Orchards, I couldn’t resist indulging in nature’s bounty.

A Gallery of Autumn Wonders

I immersed myself in the gallery of autumn wonders at Miller’s Farm, getting a sneak peek of the breathtaking sights that awaited me during my visit.

As I concluded my visit and left Miller’s Farm, I carried with me the memories of a day filled with laughter, exploration, and the magic of fall. Rain or shine, this farm had proven to be a place where young and old could come together to embrace the beauty and wonder of the season. My trip to Miller’s Farm had truly been a whimsical and unforgettable fall escape.

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